Friday, January 18, 2008


Check out the Porcelain Rosette Wall Plaque from The Sitting Room that is featured in Domino Magazine's Style Editor Kim Ficaro's "Editor's Cravings" this month. These cheery wall plaques really do add pop to a wall with or without color.

You can check it out on the Domino Website.

And how about those rosette pillows!
There is a very good possibility of those making there way to The Sitting Room.

This is how we currently have them displayed in the store. I've used them in bathrooms for clients; they're great in bathrooms because they aren't bothered by moisture and are decorative but not overly fussy. Just the large rectangle or a vertical cluster works well over the toilet, who really wants to look at a painting there. Another place I would like to try them is if you want something on the same wall as a television, a painting or other colored piece is distracting, these would work well to add some style and texture.

Monday, January 7, 2008


Let me just start by saying, I love these little trees! They were the only Christmas decor I bought for the store. They are so simple and elegant, they looked beautiful displayed throughout the store, the perfect holiday accent. A few of our super stylish clients bought them for their homes. Then it came time to either put them on sale or pack them away for next year, I decided neither for these little beauties.

Last week I took one home to see how it would work to hang those pesky tangly dangly earrings, this is the result. Now I can enjoy my precious little trees year round!

My three year old daughter saw the tree and was quick to tell me she would like one too. So the next evening I brought another tree home. Annabella and I sat down and put her jewelry on her tree, all plastic, mostly princesses, with one Darth Vader ring from Daddy's last birthday bash. Here is Annabella's tree.