Tuesday, December 2, 2008


The Sitting Room is now doing commercial jobs as well as residential. Hampden Clothing which has been in downtown Charleston since 2007 has opened their second store in Greenville, South Carolina. 

Stacy Smallwood (Owner) has a great eye for cool, stylish pieces that you will wear over and over again. We gave the space a sophisticated, modern interior to compliment the clothes. There is a very relaxed atmosphere and lots of comfortable seating for husbands and boyfriends to lounge while waiting. 

Definitely stop by if you are in the Greenville area, its quite close to Charlotte & Atlanta. By the way, Greenville is a great little town that working on this job gave me the opportunity to visit.

Stacy and I had a great time working on the store together, as well as her fall photo shoot which we did here at The Sitting Room. This is one of her fall ads shot in the store.

The Sitting Room also did the remodel of the
Bluefish Fitness Club in downtown Charleston. Photos to be posted soon.

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